Valaree in the Gallery


Valaree in the Gallery, an oil painting

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Valaree in the Gallery was painted in 2011 and depicts a model named Valaree facing the viewer with her hand crossed over her head.

This 16×20 oil painting depicts Valaree amongst several pieces of art that were being displayed in a gallery. Her posture is relaxed with her right arm resting atop her head, and she is holding her weight on right leg. Her dark clothing against the light background shows off the curves of her silhouette very nicely, and the multiple light shadows cast from the intricate lighting creates a wonderful nuance and subtlety which softens the otherwise stark contrast of her figure.

Each photograph mounted on the gallery wall is meticulously rendered down to the subtle shadows, the glass reflections, and the slight skew of the hanging. The Wooden stool serves as a prop to balance the composition as well as depict the spontaneity of the scene. The warm hardwood floors and wooden stool plays off the cooler tints in the background and artwork, and this is replicated in the colors used to paint Valaree’s skin-tones.

It was originally featured in this blog post.

The original piece is 16 inches by 20 inches oil painting ready to hang with an attached hanging wire. The prints do not come framed.

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