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The painted portrait is a magical thing. The level of intent that is put into a painting is unrivaled in any mode expression. An artist examines his subject in a pure and deliberate manner that filters through his consciousness and is expressed though materials onto the canvas. The artist’s gift for examination, interpretation, judgment, and execution is unmatched in any other form of art.

John Markese creates incredibly gorgeous and colorful works of portraiture, that not only accurately portrays you, your child, or any loved one, but expresses your likeness in an exquisitely dignified and elegant manner in a unique and creative style.

Head only

A small portrait of only the face and head

8×10 through 20×24

Head Only

Head & Shoulders

A medium sized painting of the head and shoulders but not the hands

8×10 through 20×24

Head & Shoulders

Head & Shoulders

1/2 Length Portrait

A large portrait from the waist up (may include the hands)

11×14 through 24×30

1/2 Length Portrait

1/2 Length Portrait

Full Length

An extra large painting of the entire figure

24×36 and up

Full Length

Full Length


add 25% more for inclusion of hands
add 50% more for realistic backgrounds
add 75% more for an additional person

John Markese creates custom oil and acrylic paintings on stretched canvas and oil and soft pastel drawings on board. Generally speaking, a portrait is done from a photograph. But if you live in the Chicago area, a live portrait sitting can be arranged. Otherwise, if you have the perfect image that just needs an artistic touch, a portrait can be made from that.

The above fee schedule is for portrait commissions in paint on canvas or soft pastels on board. Prices do not include framing or sales tax. Copyright is retained by John Markese in all artistic works. A non-refundable deposit of 50% of the total portrait fee or $500, whichever is less, is required to start the portrait procedure.

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