Pastel Portrait of Maggie

Portrait of Maggie, 12×16, Pastel on Board

Here is a new piece of art called “Portrait of Maggie”, who posed for us at the Palette and Chisel on Dec 2nd. It is executed in soft pastels and shows a young woman facing the viewer done in a colorful, saturated palette. My vantage point was from a short drawing horse in front of an elevated stage where the model sat. I think she was a hair dresser since she had a very coifed and stylish haircut with the lower layers darkly dyed and the upper layers lightened. It looked nice and added a little drama to the portrait. I enhanced the colors from what I saw by intensifying the eye color and bumping up the saturation of the otherwise dull and grey background. I also modified the mid tones and shadows with the usage of ultramarine blue and a purple color to add a different dimension to the hues.

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