Category: Lake Zurich, Illinois

  • Fine Art Portrait of a Young Girl

    Fine Art Portrait of a Young Girl

    Portrait of a Young Girl, 18×24, Conté on Paper, 10/12/2011 There is an art school in Lake Zurich, Illinois called Mainstreet Art Centre that holds open sessions periodically, and I was attending a few of them last year. The model that posed for us was quite young, probably about 15 years old, and she did…

  • Rainbow Colored Scarf

    Rainbow Colored Scarf

    Rainbow Colored Scarf, a pastel portrait drawn in Lake Zurich, Illinois Rainbow Colored Scarf, 18¾×24¾, Soft Pastel on Paper, 11/9/2011 Here’s a very adorable portrait of a young woman done at Main Street Art Center in Lake Zurich. The vibrant colors in the scarf force me to use more natural skin tones in the face, but I still…

  • Portrait of Erica

    Portrait of Erica

    Lake Zurich, Illinois I have been attending the bi-weekly open studios at Main Street Art Centre in Lake Zurich, Illinois, and this week, I made this portrait of an artist named Erica. She had a unique style and was wearing a lot of jewelry which I managed to squeeze in after the last break. I…