For my Father – Schaumburg, Illinois

Portrait of MIles Davis

Oil painting of Miles Davis. Happy Birthday Dad!

These two paintings were done for my old man who, along with my mother, I can thank for artistic inclinations. I remember my young days when my dad would sketch 18 wheeler trucks and WWII airplanes. Those were pretty much the first things I drew when I was a wee lad, and much to the chagrin of my grandparents, they were the often objects of graffiti on the walls. 

Another thing my father, and my grandfather and uncles, share together is an enthusiasm for music and specifically Jazz. For my dad’s birthday and Father’s Day, I made a couple of portraits of Jazz musicians. The birthday gift was unfortunately belated, and this post is perhaps the first view of his gift since I cannot officially turn it over until it’s dry. So here it is dad. Happy Birthday!

Portrait of Sonny Rollins

Portrait of Sonny Rollins done for my Dad for Father’s Day

For Father’s Day in June I also made this portrait of Sonny Rollins, which was actually finished on time thankfully.

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